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Help Me Help You

Feb 20, 2018

Soren Spicknall is a human who is also a Chicago-based civic technologist. He spends his nights and his days thinking about how to leverage emerging tools like data science, blockchain, and virtual/augmented/mixed reality for the benefit of the humanity. As a Microsoft Civic Tech Fellow, he also explores the possibilities and pitfalls of new technologies by conducting pilot programs with nonprofits, governments, and community activists.

As if that weren’t enough, he keeps busy hosting a whole bevy of meetups in Chicago, including Chicago City Data Users Group, Blockchain for Social Good Chicago, and South Side Code & Coffee, as well as co-hosting Chi Hack Night. In this lifetime, he seeks to create equitable technological solutions to some of today's most pressing social and civic challenges. Humanity is lucky to have him on its side. Thanks for helping out an enchanted mineral, Soren. There’s a good chance you’ll save humanity before I get the chance to.

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